Introduction :

When your family member, friend or loved one is unwell, consider sending them a floral bouquet to express your wish that they would recuperate as soon as possible. Rather than sending flowers that simply look pleasing to the eye, customise the flower bouquet with flowers that are meaningful as much as they are beautiful, in order to more accurately convey your sentiments. 

What types of flowers are appropriate then as get-well flowers to brighten up the hitherto sombre and sickly mood of your recipient?

Read on to find out more!


Consider livening up the gloomy hospital or sick bed atmosphere with some bright-looking flowers, such as yellow chrysanthemums. Yellow would be useful in raising your recipient’s spirits and hopefully encouraging him or her to recover as soon as possible. Moreover, chrysanthemums tend to have relatively longer vase lives and thus can last longer by the side of your recipient as he or she takes time to get well.  

Daisies :

Also, daisies make another suitable flower option for get-well floral gifts. This is because daisies represent prosperity and fresh beginnings, as well as come in cheerful hues to lighten your recipient’s mood up. Daisies can go along with chrysanthemums in the same bouquet to add variety and hue to the overall gift, as well as to accompany your recipient as he or she returns back to the pink of health. 


This flower choice might seem like a no-brainer for some, simply because they are a popular sight in hospitals, patient wards and sick beds. Make your recipient smile with some fresh sunflowers that are sunny (pun intended) and light-hearted. Together with other similar brightly coloured flowers, sunflowers would significantly cheer up your recipient’s mood. That being said, if your recipient is recuperating in a room with limited space, you might want to consider one or two larger sunflowers along with other types of smaller flowers, so as to prevent the bouquet from getting into the way of other much-needed items in the room.

Red Carnations:

Red carnations symbolise perseverance and strength, thus these flowers might be appropriate to give your recipient to encourage him or her to persevere and stay strong during his or her illness. Furthermore, red carnations can be pretty durable and therefore practical to get if you want your recipient to enjoy the flowers for a longer period of time! 

Hydrangeas :

A less popular, but nonetheless meaningful flower choice for your get-well soon bouquet would be hydrangeas. Hydrangeas typically embody perseverance and hence are highly suitable if you wish your recipient can persevere and fight on despite his or her sickness. 

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