When a family, friend or loved one celebrates a significant moment in his or her life, simply dropping a Whatsapp message to congratulate him or her is too impersonal.

Instead, sending a bouquet of fresh flowers to congratulate him or her would be a more personal and sincere gesture.A meticulously chosen bouquet of flowers would be a meaningful and personal gift to congratulate your family, loved one or friend after he or she has crossed a milestone or achieved something important, such as finally moving into his or her first house.

It is a must to take the effort to acknowledge and cherish such precious moments in life with the people whom you truly care about.

If you are unsure of what are the types of suitable flowers to express your congratulations with, you are on the right page.We at OnlineFloristSingapore have put together useful guidelines on the ideal flowers to get for the quintessential event that you are celebrating.


While you might typically associate roses with romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, roses are suitable for saying congratulations as well. If you normally give 12 roses to your spouse or loved one as a romantic gesture, simply give 25 roses as a congratulatory gift to your loved one or friends at, for example, the arrival of their newborn child. Add these roses to some gerberas and lilies, especially if the newborn child is a girl. Send white roses to congratulate someone who has just been recently engaged, as white roses allude to innocence, purity and new beginnings!


The first thing that might come to mind with orchids is that they are closely related to Singapore’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim (a hybrid orchid breed). Yet did you know that orchids represent maturity and achievement? Bearing this in mind, feel free to opt for some gorgeous looking orchids for your relative or friend’s graduation party or ceremony!

Orange Lilies

If orchids are not available, consider sending your loved ones or friends who are graduating some brightly coloured lilies (example: orange lilies) to liven up the atmosphere and to convey your congratulations. Orange lilies symbolise zest, contentment and confidence – appropriate sentiments to share with your recently graduated loved one or friend as he or she embarks on the next stage of life!


If you wish to celebrate the engagement of a loved one or friend, but choose not to send him or her the traditional option of white roses (see above), consider congratulating him or her with a bouquet of cheery sunflowers. This is because sunflowers are exuberant and represent longevity.

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To sincerely convey your joy at the achievement or milestones of someone dear to you, top up your bouquet of fragrant flowers with a handwritten card to show your heartfelt feelings in the recipient’s happy moments. Make your recipient go “Awww” with additional accessories like balloons and candies to the flower bouquet as well.

If you have further questions about the perfect type and combination of flowers for your congratulatory bouquet, OnlineFloristSingapore is happy to assist you in selecting the perfect blossoms! Based in Yishun, Singapore, we at OnlineFloristSingapore offer fresh, fragrant and durable flowers at cheap prices for our customers! Moreover, we provide express flower delivery services for last-minute orders, 24 hours online flower delivery Singapore to cater to your needs! Check out our collection of congratulatory flowers here!

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