What Are The Best Flower Gifts For Newborns?

Babies are God’s gifts and bundles of joy, thus you should welcome them to the world and
congratulate their parents at the same time. A gorgeous flower arrangement would be a time-
and-tested gift of sending your joy. While you can send your congratulatory flowers to the
hospital, many new mothers typically stay for a few nights and would be caught up in the hustle
and bustle of caring for their newborn as well as preparing to go home. Thus your recipients
might not have ample time to rest and appreciate your floral gifts. Alternatively, you could
choose to send your flowers one or two weeks after the arrival of the baby, and even have the
flowers delivered with additional gifts like supplements for the new mother. There are many
lovely flower gifts for newborns and their parents for you to convey your sentiments. From
aromatic carnations to dangly red roses, read below for the best types of flowers you could give
to newborns and their loved ones!
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms, also known as sakura in Japanese, represent new beginnings and life. If you
choose to send your recipients cherry blossoms, you could cut a few flower branches and put
them into an elegant vase for a simple yet meaningful gift. Warmer temperatures, such as what
we have in Singapore, would induce these branches into opening and blossoming even earlier.
Another popular flower often used as a newborn gift would be the carnation. Carnations are
durable and brawny and are generally available all year. Moreover, if the baby is a boy or girl
you could opt to have the carnations coloured blue or pink accordingly.
Daffodils commonly represent new beginnings and spring, thus they are perfect as a baby
flower gift! Although people tend to give daffodils at the start of a new year, you can present a
bouquet or a planted pot of lovely daffodils at happy events like baby showers.
If you want to spruce your flower gift up by adding in more varieties of flowers, then daisies
could be another wonderful flower option! The assortment of daisies have symbolic meanings of
purity, innocence and new beginnings. Hence daisies are very suitable to welcome a newborn
baby as they allude to prosperity and happiness.
If you are planning to give your wife a flower gift after the arrival of your baby, send her pink or
red roses to convey your love, gratitude and affection. For a longer-lasting gift, you could dry
roses up for around three weeks before keeping and displaying them as a permanent memento
of your appreciation of your wife for giving birth to your baby.
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