Most of us, if not all, would love to take a sniff at a bouquet of fresh and sweet-smelling flowers. Moreover, there is always something meaningful in sending a bunch of fresh blooms to someone cherished. Yet one sobering truth about nature is that beauty in nature, while wonderful to look at, would fade over time. As flowers are an essential component of our natural surroundings, they would also fade in beauty as time passes (sometimes even pretty quickly), no matter how much you care for them. 

That being said, what could be a useful alternative to fresh flowers when you painstakingly take care of them in hopes that they could last for a longer time frame? 

The answer would be preserved flowers because such flowers can maintain their beauty over a longer period of time. 

Read on to find out what preserved flowers are and how you could take care of them. 

What Are Preserved Flowers? 

Preserved flowers look just like their fresh counterparts, except that they can probably remain fresh looking for a year (or more) and can last for up to 10 years! 

Feeling surprised at the longevity of such flowers?

Well, bear in mind that preserved flowers are previously fresh flowers that were cut when they were still bright and beautiful. Subsequently, the water content, proteins, and other pigments  in these hitherto fresh flowers were drawn out via unique chemicals (that are oftentimes patented and kept as company secrets). After this, the flowers are rehydrated when they are placed in an eco-certified blend of plant elements and glycerine. This mixture of glycerine and other elements is meant to replace the original sap of flowers to give them shape. Sometimes, essential oils and other color pigments are added to such flowers to add colors like black and fragrances. After some days, these flowers would be ready for sale. 

How To Care For Preserved Flowers?

Although preserved flowers’ lifespans are way longer than fresh flowers, the former is still delicate and fragile in nature. Therefore, it is important to handle preserved flowers with meticulous attention. For example, do not attempt to sprinkle perfume or even water onto these flowers as these substances might damage them. Put these flowers in areas of low moisture with limited sunlight, and avoid exposing them directly to UV rays for fear of discoloration. (This might be tricky in humid and sunny Singapore, but you can set aside a dedicated place in your home or office to keep these preserved flowers.) Yet, do not put these flowers in extremely dry conditions. Should these flowers accumulate some dust on them, feel free to gently blow them with a hairdryer to remove the dust. 

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