Introduction :

Buying a bouquet of fresh and gorgeous flowers or receiving one as a gift from someone dear always cheers your mood up. Yet the fact is that your flower bouquet would not be fresh for a long time, especially if you do not know how to prolong its longevity. Perhaps only a few days would pass before those stunning blossoms begin to dry up and wilt. Moreover, Singapore’s hot and humid climate only means that some seasonal blooms might not survive for long. How then, can you prolong the freshness of your blossoms in order to enjoy them for a longer period of time? We have compiled some guidelines on how to keep your flower bouquets fresh and looking good for as long as possible!

#1 Hydrate Those Flower Petals :

While many of us might only think of letting our precious fresh flowers drink up water via their stems, we must remember that we also need to hydrate the petals of our blossoms to prolong the lifespan of the bouquet. By constantly misting the flower petals, for example, we can prevent our blooms from wilting and drooping until a later time. You do not need to soak the flower petals in water but simply spray some water on them at regular time frames to keep them moist and fresh. 

#2 Put The Blooms Into The Fridge :

Really? Put the flowers in the fridge? you might wonder. 

Yes, we are serious about this trip, especially in light of Singapore’s humid and hot weather. If you have the fridge space at home to do so, preserve those awesome and fragrant seasonal blossoms of yours right there where it’s much cooler (or colder)! Many freshly cut flowers would last longer when they are stored in a cooler environment. You do not need to store these blooms all day in the fridge, but can choose to do so for a couple of hours (for instance: overnight) and let them soak up water while enjoying the cold!

# 3 Fresh Flowers Need Fresh Water (Duh!) 

As the owner or caregiver of flower bouquets, do not commit the faux pas of retaining the same water for your bouquet(s) for the whole duration! You might think simply topping up the water to keep your flowers hydrated would suffice, but that’s a big no-no when it comes to keeping your blooms fresh. A bit more effort, such as changing the water, rinsing, and cleaning the vase up daily or once in two days, is required to maintain the freshness of your flowers. The reason for doing so is that flower stems usually produce and release bacteria that accumulate along the bottom of the vase. Such bacteria prompt flowers to wilt and droop at a faster rate than they would if the blooms had access to fresh water all the time. 

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