So you are heading to a wake or funeral and are thinking of getting a funeral wreath to express your condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased?

Instead of simply instructing the florist to ‘put a bunch of flowers suitable together’, how about learning what some of the popular types of funeral flowers might actually mean?

Read on below to find out the significance of five of the more popular types of funeral flowers, namely – lilies, orchids, carnations, chrysanthemum and poms.


In Roman Catholicism, the lily is an emblem of virginity, purity and spotlessness and this flower is often used to refer to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, the God-Man, to indicate her everlasting virginity and purity. Another interesting fact is that lilies were used to cover the tomb of the Virgin Mary and thus has also been used to refer to her. Another religious overtone of the lily is that this flower has been said to represent the Holy Trinity in the Catholic religion due to its three petals indicating the Three Persons. Therefore, this flower was popular among the Catholic peoples of Europe over the centuries and its popularity has not waned even till today. In fact, lilies have become one of the go-to flowers for wakes and funerals because they symbolise that the soul of the departed person is hopefully in an innocent and spotless state in God’s presence. Although lilies exist in various shapes and colours, consider sending white lilies to the memorial service or funeral of someone you know in the forms of wreaths or bouquets. And the good news is that the petals of the lily can last for one to two weeks with only a little maintenance!


Colourful and aromatic orchids are not just for beautifying the environment. Rather, orchids contain a deeper significance for bereaved people grieving over the passing of their loved ones because they indicate people’s everlasting love for the deceased. Select pink or white orchids to display your condolences at a funeral as these flowers commonly represent sympathy. Check out dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids for specific examples of such sympathy flowers.


Carnations come in various colours with their individual meanings. White carnations showcase innocence whereas red ones display affection. According to tradition, carnations were first seen on Earth as Jesus carried the Cross when he was unjustly condemned to die. The sorrowing Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, was witness to the pitiful sight of Jesus and shed immense tears. Subsequently, carnations sprang up from where her tears fell. Ever since, carnations, especially pink ones, have become the representation of a mother’s undying love. Consider sending carnations in the form of standing sprays or wreaths if you are attending a Catholic or Christian funeral.


Chrysanthemums, also called ‘mums’, have various meanings depending on geographical location. In Europe, chrysanthemums symbolise death and are common funeral flowers. In the United States, these flowers showcase truth and are commonly deemed as a way to remember someone who has lived his or her life to the fullest. In some parts of Asia, chrysanthemums feature more at baby showers than funerals because they represent renewal and rebirth. That being said, people in Asia still accept chrysanthemums as funeral wreaths during grieving moments.


These medium-sized flowers are typically utilised as space fillers in many types of bouquets, including funeral wreaths. Very often, pom-poms accompany other flowers in floral arrangements by adding texture to the whole bouquet and balancing the other flowers out.

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