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Eustoma Charm
Flower Type
Description pink hydrangea, pink lilies, purple and pink eustoma
Wrapper Color/Basket Type purple with white trimmings
Ribbon Color
Height 1.6m
Width 70cm
Graceful Departure
Flower Type
Description white gerberas with white poms standing wreath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon Color White
Height 1.5m
Width 55cm
Joyous Celebration
Flower Type
Description pink and white lilies, yellow roses, yellow rose spray, yam roses, yellow and white gerberas on a red box with 3 mettalic balloons
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Red
Ribbon Color Red
Height 1.7m
Width 90cm
Sad Departure
Flower Type
Description sunflowers with yellow gerberas , white eustomas and poms
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Black
Ribbon Color
Height 1.6m
Width 90cm
Orchid Extravaganza
Flower Type
Description yellow and red rose with yellow and purple orchids
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon Color Red
Height 1.6m
Width 1m
Funeral Flowers-Tribute

A final tribute sent to express your love with pink lilies, yellow chrysanthemum, white daisies and caspia.

Funeral Flowers-Circle of Life

Finding our place through faith and love, despair and hope, affirmed in the circle of life with purple and pink pom pom.

Funeral Flowers-Band of Hope

Walking in the shadow of death, hope springs with bright hues of mixed gerberas, daisies pom and roses.

Funeral Flower-Estella Garden

sunflower, gold mokhara and white gerberas

Funeral Flowers-Raya Garden


Funeral Flowers-Comfort Garden
White marco lilies with white orchids
and white pom pom
Funeral Flowers-Heartfelt Wishes

May this arrangement of lighter hue of lavender flowers combination in some way help to express your heartfelt sympathy to those in bereavement.

Funeral Flowers – Forever Cherished
Flower Type
Description wreath with yellow and champagne roses, yellow and purple orchids, white and green poms
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon Color
Sweet Farewell- Funeral Box
Flower Type Pink lilies, White Chrysanthemums, Pink Roses and Caspia with Cordyline and Monstera
Description Add text here
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Black Funeral Box Stand
Ribbon Color Yellow
Height 190cm
Width 130cm
Funeral Flowers-Words of Comfort

Yellow Zhenyang Chrysanthemum and Ball Chrysanthemums with Golden Orchirds on a Blue Box Stand


Bring a smile on someone’s face today with the sweet-looking button and bright orange Gerbera daisies.

Flower Stand-FLORISH

An elegant yet simple display of beauty.

Funeral Flowers-Fondest Memories

Fond memories in mind are invoked with this arrangement of star gazers, white spider chrysanthemum, white mathiola and purple orchids.

Funeral Flowers-Holly Harmony

Like a treasured trove of memories, this bounty of purple brassica, chrysanthemum, light purple mathiola, white orchids, and purple orchids on a white lace box opens up with gentle comfort to soothe sorrow.

Flowers Stand Barossa Garden

white marco lilies, yellow lilies, red gerberas, pink gerberas
with hypericum and red balloons

Flowers Stand Balmoral Garden

white marco lilies with crème gerberas, pink roses and crème
champagne eustoma

Flowers Stand Avila Garden

Visual Image for Illustration only

red roses, yellow roses with purple and red orchids

Flowers Stand-Asia Garden

local bird, yellow gerberas, red anthuriums, pink roses
red ginger with monstera

Flowers Stand-Adisia Garden

bird of paradise, star gazers, anthurium, roses , carnations
with panadas and otherfoilage

Flowers Stand-Amaranda Garden

Flowers used:star gazers, cabbage, pink roses, gerberas with ivy leaves and foilage
Visual image for illustration only.

Singapore Flower Shop-Euphony Garden
pink hydrangea, pink lilies , pink roses,
purple roses and caspia and purple
Funeral Wreath-Yellow Garden
white lilies, yellow gerberas, white roses
green button poms with ivy leaves
Funeral Flowers Far Horizon Garden
purple gladiolus, white chrysanthemum,
white roses, purple eustoma with
cordyline and palm leaves
Funeral Flowers-Fanta Garden
Bird of paradis, white chrysanthemum ,
orange roses with green pom pom and
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