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Sad Departure
Flower Type
Description sunflowers with yellow gerberas , white eustomas and poms
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Black
Ribbon Color
Height 1.6m
Width 90cm
Flower Type
Description 1 stalk sunflower with baby’s breath and statis hand bouquet
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Black
Ribbon Color Brown
Height 30cm
Width 20cm
Glowing Smile
Flower Type
Description 1 stalk sunflower with yellow alstromerias and Just Smile Premium Teeth Whitening Kit
 Wrapper Color/Basket Type White
Ribbon Color Gold
Height 28cm
Width 20cm
Sunny Sunflower Glow
5 Sunflowers with Purple Eustoma
Sunshiney Day
Flower Type
Description 1 stalk sunflower with billy button and baby’s breath in round container
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon Color
Height 30cm
Width 10cm
Sunny Glow
Flower Type 10 stalks sunflowers with monstera
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Kraft Paper
Ribbon Color Orange
Funeral Flower-Estella Garden

sunflower, gold mokhara and white gerberas

Funeral Flowers-Raya Garden


Same Day Flower Delivery Singapore-Hand Bouquet-Sunniflora-dsc3265

3 stalks sun flowers with song of india, purple statis and yellow phoenix

Hand Bouquet Oasis Garden
3 sunflowers, yellow  lilies, red gerberas
song of India, bird of paradise and
mini poms

(Please note: this product is not available from 9th February to 15th February. Both dates are inclusive.

Please refer to our Valentines’ Day Category for prevailing pricing.)


sun flower with champagne eustoma and hypericum

Sunny Graduand

3 stalks Sunflowers with Hypericum and graduation push bear

Special Hydrangea
Flower Type Two-tone blue Hydrangea, Sunflowers, pink Roses and Foilage
Description NA
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Vase
Ribbon Color NA
Height 40cm
Width 28cm
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