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Graceful Exit
Flower Type
Descriptionwhite gladiolus, white orchids, pink chrysan, pink roses
Wrapper Color/Basket TypeSilver & White
Ribbon ColorLight Purple
Orchid Extravaganza
Flower Type
Descriptionyellow and red rose with yellow and purple orchids
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon ColorRed
Funeral Flowers-Comfort Garden
White marco lilies with white orchids
and white pom pom
Funeral Flowers – Forever Cherished
Flower Type
Descriptionwreath with yellow and champagne roses, yellow and purple orchids, white and green poms
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon Color
Funeral Flowers-Words of Comfort

Yellow Zhenyang Chrysanthemum and Ball Chrysanthemums with Golden Orchirds on a Blue Box Stand

Funeral Flowers-Fondest Memories

Fond memories in mind are invoked with this arrangement of star gazers, white spider chrysanthemum, white mathiola and purple orchids.