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Corporate Flowers-The Acacias
Corporate Flowers-The Aberdeen
Corporate Flowers-The Albracca
May Garden

white equador lilies with yellow snap dragon
yellow gerberas and yellow roses
in a vase

Mimosa Garden

purple tulips with pink gerberas, light pink roses, yam roses
and foliage in a vase

True Flame

Shower your love for her and cast a magic spell to make her yours forever by presenting her with this heavenly floral decoration of white Gerbera Daisies floating in the cloud of creamy roses.

Graduation Day Flowers-GD#19-04-DSC-3254

yellow gerberas,green poms, maurve eustoma and muraya

Graduation Day Flowers-GD#19-04-DSC-3357

6 stalks champagne rose, 2 yellow gerberas,,cotton flowers, caspia, hypericum with dried flowers and 2 mini graduation bear.

Mother’s Day Flowers-MD#19-04-DSC-3304

3 ornigathalum,green poms, hypericum, white eustoma, cream gerberas with twigs and populus

Same Day Flower Delivery Singapore-Hand Bouquet-Albracca-dsc3318

3 iris, 3 orange ornigathalum, 3 yellow gerbera and yellow rose spray with mini coin leaves


sun flower with champagne eustoma and hypericum

Hand Bouquet-Armandale-dsc3310

marco white lilies with pink gerberas, pink carnation spray with eucalyptus

Singapore Florist-Mixed Flora Bouquet-Aspine-dsc3312

3 pink gerberas, yellow rose spray ,pink poms , purple statis and caspia

Bright Student

6 stalks of Gerberas with Statis and Hypericum accompanied by a Graduation push bear

Coffee or Tea
Flower Type Creme gerberas with champagne Eustoma and baby’s breath
Description 1.Nutella x 6 pieces.
2.Starbucks latte machiato 129gm
3. Pukka chamomile 30gm
4. Loacker tortina 63gm
5. Arnotts monte Carlo 250gm
6. Arrangement of creme Gerberas, champagne Eustoma, and Baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wooden basket and transparent wrapper
Ribbon Color Pink
Height 30Cm
Width 45Cm
Wine Tasting
Flower Type Pink gerberas, red roses, purple Statis, and Baby’s breath
Description 1.Lindor assorted chocolates 200gm
2. Private collection french cellar chardonnay 2018 250ml
3. Private collection french cellar Merlot 2017 250ml
4 Huntley palmers sesameal 2 packs
5. Walkers pure butter shortbread 150gm
6. Lindt les grandes 150gm
7. Lindt excellence 150gm
8. bouquet of pink gerberas, red roses purple statis and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type flat wicker tray
Ribbon Color Pink
Height 35cm
Width 45cm
Sweety Tooth
Flower Type Yellow Gerberas, champagne Eustoma, Hypericum and Baby’s breath
Description 1. Loacker Quadratini chocolates 250gm
2. Merci assorted milk chocolates 250gm
3. Hawaiian host macadamia nuts chocolates 113gm
4. Merbe Nougatelli cookies 200gm
5. Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Shiraz
6. Bouquet of yellow gerberas champagne Eustoma, hypericum and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wicker tray
Ribbon Color Gold
Height 30cm
Speedy Gonzales
Flower Type Yellow Gerberas & Hypericum
Description 1. Go ahead yogurt breaks 178gm
2  Jacobs Hi fibre wheat cereal 209. gm
3. Nature’s path heritage flakes 375gm
4. Petitzel fruit vinegar drink
5. Arrangement of yellow gerberas and     hypericum

Wrapper Color/Basket Type Transparent wrapper
Ribbon Color Gold
Height 30cm
Width 35cm
Organic Basket
Flower Type Creme Gerberas, pink Roses, and Baby’s breath
Description 1. Casino bio biscottes 300gm
2. Snack factory pretzel crisp 240gm
3. Nuvitality cashew kernels 100gm
4. Nature’s path vanilla pumpkin seeds 312 gm
5. Nature’s path heritage flakes 375gm
6. Arrangement of creme gerberas, pink roses with purple statis and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Flat Wicker Tray
Ribbon Color Purple
Width 40cm
Flower Type Light pink Gerberas, red Roses, purple Statis and Baby’s breath
Description 1. Corie Rosato Spumante 750ml
2. Walker’s organic wheat & oats biscuits 150gm
3. Huntley & palmers sesameal 200gm
4. Lindor Assorted chocolates 200gm
5. Lindt les Grandes 150gm
6. Lindt excellence 150gm
7. Arrangement of light pink gerberas, red roses, purple statis and baby’s breath

Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wicker tray
Ribbon Color Pink
Height 40cm
Width 40cm
Smelling Good
Flower Type Red Gerberas with Yellow Poms and Caspia
Description 1. Baby bath chair
2. Red gerberas with yellow poms and caspia in a low vase
Wrapper Color/Basket Type NA
Ribbon Color Blue
Height 40cm
Width 30cm
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