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Rosy Eustoma

12 stalks of pink roses with eustoma and mini poms

Tulips Box

10 stalks of tulips, dark and light pink roses, ball chrysanthemum, purple eustomas, and caspia

Mummy’s Choice
Flower Type Imported purple Carnations with white Eustoma and Greens
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Light purple wrapper
Ribbon Color Light purple
Height 40cm
Width 25cm
Coffee or Tea
Flower Type Creme gerberas with champagne Eustoma and baby’s breath
Description 1.Nutella x 6 pieces.
2.Starbucks latte machiato 129gm
3. Pukka chamomile 30gm
4. Loacker tortina 63gm
5. Arnotts monte Carlo 250gm
6. Arrangement of creme Gerberas, champagne Eustoma, and Baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wooden basket and transparent wrapper
Ribbon Color Pink
Height 30Cm
Width 45Cm
Flower Type Pink and red roses, purple eustoma and baby’s breath
Description 1.Brown & Haley Almond Roca 140gm
2.Milano orange chocolate 198gm
3. Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix 8 x 28gm
4. Belgian chocolate hearts 200gm
5.Arrangement of pink and red roses, purple eustoma and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Flat Wooden Tray & transparent wrapper
Ribbon Color Red
Height 35cm
Width 40cm
Sweety Tooth
Flower Type Yellow Gerberas, champagne Eustoma, Hypericum and Baby’s breath
Description 1. Loacker Quadratini chocolates 250gm
2. Merci assorted milk chocolates 250gm
3. Hawaiian host macadamia nuts chocolates 113gm
4. Merbe Nougatelli cookies 200gm
5. Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Shiraz
6. Bouquet of yellow gerberas champagne Eustoma, hypericum and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wicker tray
Ribbon Color Gold
Height 30cm
Fitness Regime
Flower Type White Marco Lilies, imported pink Carnations, and champagne Eustomas
Description 1.Waitrose crisp & nutty sesame grissini 125gm
2. Kelloggs nutty chocolate cereal bar 30gm x4
3. 137degrees pistachio milk
4. Granola french vanilla with almonds 582gm
5. Arrangement of marco white lilies, imported pink carnations and champagne eustoma
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wicker Tray
Ribbon Color Gold
Height 30cm
Width 35cm
Organic Fruit Vinegar
Flower Type Light purple imported Carnations with white Eustoma
Description 1.Meiji plain crackers 140gm
2. Kelloggs nutty choc cereal bar 120gm.
3. Go ahead yogurt breaks 178gm.
4. Petitzel 100percent fruit vinegar
5. Jacobs hi fibre wheat cereal 8 packets
6. Arrangement of purple imported carnations with white eustoma
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wicker Tray
Ribbon Color Purple
Height 30cm
Width 35cm
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