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Flower Type
Description peach gladiolus, pink roses, white roses, purple eustoma and mini poms
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Silver and Light Purple
Ribbon Color
Height 1.8m
Width 1.6m
Eustoma Charm
Flower Type
Description pink hydrangea, pink lilies, purple and pink eustoma
Wrapper Color/Basket Type purple with white trimmings
Ribbon Color
Height 1.6m
Width 70cm
Sad Departure
Flower Type
Description sunflowers with yellow gerberas , white eustomas and poms
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Black
Ribbon Color
Height 1.6m
Width 90cm
Yellow Mellow
Flower Type
Description yellow and creme roses with white eustoma and babys breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Wooden Tray
Ribbon Color
Height 28cm
Width 35cm
Cheers Champagne
Flower Type
Description light pink and dark red lilies, champagne roses , purple eustoma and purple carnation spraywith a big champagne bottle balloon
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Purple Standing box
Ribbon Color Flowing Ivy leaves
Height 2.5m
Width 1.1m
Pink Beauty
Flower Type
Description pink hydrangeas, white roses,pink eustomas and purple statis with dusty miller and eucalyptus
Wrapper Color/Basket Type 2 Tones Grey /Pink
Ribbon Color Pink
Height 50cm
Width 40cm
Bright and Cheery
Flower Type
Description yellow gerberas, purple eustoma and caspia ,half dozen fish essence with mixed fruits with a get well balloon
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Brown
Ribbon Color
Height 45cm
Width 35cm


Multi Faceted
Flower Type
Description mango rose, white and purple eustoma, yellow phoenix in a glass vase
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Transparent glass vase
Ribbon Color
Height 20cm
Width 20cm
Sunny Sunflower Glow
5 Sunflowers with Purple Eustoma
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